Mood Fabrics' Free Patterns List

I really like Mood's free pattern selection.  I also like to peruse pattern catalogs by images and style lines.  I made this Mood Pattern spreadsheet because even though all of their free patterns appear to be available, there doesn't seem to be a way to see them all on one page.  

If you want to download the patterns, you'll have to do so on Mood Sewciety's respective pattern page. The links I provide will take you to a Google search so you can find the original pattern and redux patterns. The redux patterns are not always included in this list.

 You can scroll through it from this page but, there are more options when you open it in Google Drive by hovering over the spreadsheet and clicking the 'new window' icon that appears in the upper right corner. 

I've created some saved filters, you can make filters, you can use sort, it has images, and you can click the links (for Google searches). You can also use ctrl+F to search the sheet.

Picking Patterns for your body shape.

 Let me know if there are broken links.  Enjoy! 

(I have no affiliation with Mood and they are not endorsing this in any way.)

Mood Sewciety Free Patterns